Introduction to Smart Grid and Control

A seminar on Introduction to Smart Grid and Control was organized for the EEE students on 09.03.2019. The seminar was delivered by Dr.K.MAHENDRAN, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, and Jansons Institute of Technology. The seminar was arranged to create awareness on smart grid, the interactive relays used and the control of the smart grid. The seminar is based on the inputs from the NPTEL course on Smart grids. The context of smart grid, its evolution was discussed. The digital protective relays, wide area monitoring, digital fault recorder, circuit breaker monitor and phasor measurement unit was addressed. The seminar also gave an insight on synchronized measurements.

The role of power electronic controllers in smart grid was discussed and the concept of islanding and its detection techniques was elaborated. The seminar existed for one hour and the students learnt the fundamentals of smart grid.K.Mahendran