One day Seminar on “Introduction to working with Proteus” 

          The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has arranged a seminar on Introduction to working with Proteus for the EEE students on 13.10.2018. About 32 students of III EEE attended the seminar. The seminar was delivered by Dr. T.Meenakshi, Associate Professor, and Department of EEE. The key features of the seminar were to unveil the use of the Proteus software to the students so that this may enable them to use in the projects. The fundamentals of the proteus software, the toolbar elements were discussed. The process of opening a new sheet, picking up components, routing, simulating and troubleshooting was discussed. Simple experiments like blinking LEDs, serial lights, LCD display using microcontroller was performed and also the working of linear circuits was executed. The students learnt the fundamental of the Proteus through the seminar.