Webinar on Industrial IOT using Lorawan Technology -Alumni talk
Invited Alumni: Mr.Johnson Rubanraj (2015-2019 batch), Embedded system IOT Engineer. Enthu Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

The alumni interaction started with a welcome address by Dr.T.Meenakshi, HOD/EEE. IT was followed by Introduction to the Alumni by Ms.Sneha of IV EEE and invited the Alumni to deliver his special address on the technical topic” Industrial IOT using Lorawan Technology”. The Alumni gave an insight on IOT and how IOT is improving the performance of the industrial sector. He briefly discussed about the sensors used in IOT and the volume of data collected from the sensors. He also discussed about how the interpret the data from the sensors, its communication to remote devices. He gave an insight on the technical advances in IOT and introduced about lorawan technology. Finally he throwed some highlights on what company expects from a core engineer and how  a student should be well equipped to take up interviews in core company. He insisted the juniors to prepare well the basics and keep updated with the technology.