Webinar on Role of Big data analytics in Smart Grid

The department of EEE organized an online webinar on “Role of Big data Analytics in Smart Grid” on 12.6.2020 in the online platform JITeedu and is open for all audience interested in the domain. The programme started with a welcome address by Ms.Sandhiya of IV EEE and she unveiled the profile of the speakers. The first session was handled by Dr.S.Elangovan. He gave and insight on the power scenario in India and also briefed about the smart gird. He explained about the evolution go smart grid, the components involved and the advantages of implementing smart grid. The second session was handled by Dr.T.Meenakshi. She explained about the big data involved in smart grid and the role of sensors in smart grid. The process of data collection and analysis of data with the help of supervised and unsupervised learning was explained by her. She also gave an insight on cloud computing and explained about fog computing in detail. The research aspects in smart grid was also discussed in the webinar. The session ended with questions and answer session and the speakers answered to the queries raised by the audience. About 800 participants attended the webinar. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Dr.S.Elangovan. Weblink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IrVjiHPh6k