webinar on “Role of Electrical Engineers – An Industrial Perspective”- Alumnus talk

The topic on “Role of Electrical Engineers – An Industrial Perspective” was organized as an alumni talk series dated 06.03.2021 by the management of Jansons Institute of technology and Department of EEE .The topic was presented by Mr. R.Arul Prasath, Project Management Specialist, HIN-construction and commissioning, GE Power India limited.(formerly known as Alstom India limited),Gujarat. The presenter explained about What Electrical Engineers’ expected to perform in various other sectors, to develop the technologies which will enable us to generate and distribute power from renewable resources and become energy independent, to have adequate knowledge on advances in biosensors, prosthetics, and imaging Jobs Opportunities in electrical sectors includes Power System Engineering, Project Engineering, Electrical design engineering etc., as well as Job Opportunities in Electronics sector such as embedded system Engineering, PCB design engineer, Calibration engineer were discussed. The presenter added his experience on Field Observation Experience (FOE) as an Installation & Commissioning Engineer. The presenter added his experience on AVR- Excitation system: as Installation & Commissioning Engineer.He added State and Central government jobs opportunities in Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors. Alumni gave an overview how to become a Future ready engineer. Many career options included in this EEE stream were clearly addressed.