Seminar on “Effective Problem Identification Techniques & Strategies”

A Seminar on “EFFECTIVE PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION TECHNIQUES & STRATEGIES” was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with Andrios Club on 18.10.2022. The Problem identification techniques Program was designed for students to enhance their knowledge towards developing an Android mobile application. The session started with welcome address by Suchitha A S, IV CSE and it was carried by Mr.Sanjai K, II CSE, IIC student member, who enlightened the minds of the participants by explaining the various techniques which can be used to identify the problem. 45 internal participants (Students) had an effective knowledge sharing session. 

Problem identification techniques was explained in detailed manner such as identifying and defining a problem, come up with possible solutions , evaluate the options, choose the best solution, implement the solution and evaluate the outcome and the selection of identifying the problem for each ideas were discussed in this event. The session was then continued by Mr.Arvin Dukes, IV CSE who explained about the problem identification strategies. After his presentation, few students shared their ideas and finally the session ended with feedback collection and National Anthem.