Workshop on “Innovative Android App Development”

Higher secondary students from Plato’s Academy Higher Secondary School, Tirupur visited our campus for Innovative App Development Workshop. Total of 47 students attended the two days’ workshop of “Innovative Android App Development”. The two day workshop covered the fundamentals of Android development for mobile devices, and by the end of the workshop, the students had developed two functional applications for their mobile devices, learning the concepts of app development in the process. The workshop was conducted by M.Sharrath, AP/CSE.

The students were taught the fundamentals of Android Development, and built their first app, “Quiz Application ?” This was a simple application that demonstrated the following concepts:

  1. Creating and setting up an application in Android studio.
  2. Creating application layouts in XML.
  3. Using buttons in an application.
  4. Using images in an application.
  5. Connecting the XML frontend of the code to the Java backend.
  6. Registering button clicks with the XML property, “Android:onClick”.
  7. Displaying a Toast message on the screen.

By the end of the session, the students compiled their app, and were enjoying their first Android application.