Webinar On “Designing User Interfaces using Android Studio”
The Andrios Club of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Webinar on “Designing User Interfaces using Android Studio” on 30.03.2021. The session was taken forward through online.
The Knowledge sharing Program was designed for students of all departments to enhance their knowledge and purpose of different development tools for Android. The session about Android platform’s organization was explained to the members of the club by Mr. Giri Pragadeesh K of Third Year CSE.
Participants were briefed about,
  • Installing and configuring Android application development tools.
  • Designing and developing user Interfaces for the Android platform, save state information across important operating system events.
  • Applying Java programming concepts to Android application development.
  • Using development tools, such as those found in the Android Developer’s Toolkit to efficiently create, understand, debug and optimize Android applications.
  • Additional sources of information to understand and solve Android-related problems.
The webinar was well attended by more than 85 participants. The feedback received was very commendable in all aspects.