Webinar on “Introduction to IOS”
The Andrios Club of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Webinar on “Introduction to IOS” on 27.04.2021. The session was taken forward through online.
The Knowledge sharing Program was designed for students of all departments to enhance their knowledge and developing a basic Android and iOS application. Following that, a more comprehensive session about mobile application development was explained to the members of the club by the club member Mr. Santhosh. T of Third Year CSE.
Participants were briefed about,
  • Exposure to the latest technologies while learning the fundamental building blocks of application development, such as understanding architecture, life-cycles, GUI, and MVC design pattern.
  • Basics of mobile application development with an in-depth understanding of architecture and design for application on both platforms – Android and iOS.
  • Design patterns used towards solving common problems in application development.
  • Evaluating and implementing new features for current IOS, Android and other platforms to meet client needs.
  • Essentials of building a cutting-edge mobile application on Android and iOS and how to publish it as well.
The webinar was well attended by more than 57 participants. The feedback received was very commendable in all aspects.