Computer Vision in AI

Computer vision is a subfield of artificial intelligence. The purpose of computer vision is to program a computer to “understand” a scene or features in an image.One interesting application of computer vision, commonly used in the creation of visual effects for cinema and broadcast, is camera tracking or matchmoving. Computer vision also finds its applications in medicine, military industry, security and surveillance, quality inspection, robotics, automotive industry and many other fields.To know more Data Analytics Club organised a seminar Computer Vision in AI for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Students on 20-05-2022 from 1.50pm to 2.50pm in Lecture Hall 5 through online mode.Mr.S Thiyaneshwaran, Superintendent in CBSE was invited as a guest speaker for the program. He gave a brief intro for Detection, segmentation, localisation, and recognition of certain objects in images etc.

The goal of this seminar Computer Vision in AI was student has to know how to extract information from real-world content and use it to solve real-world problems, for instance, image reconstruction, anomaly detection, and autonomous driving

Number of Participants:63