Revamp (Debugging Contest)

To enhance the student’s analytical and problem-solving abilities by having them to,Identify an issue;Isolate the problem’s cause;Correct the problem or find a solution, Data Analytics Club is hosting a “Revamp-Debugging Contest” on September 13, 2022, from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Computer Centres 1 to 3 and CAD Lab for all students enrolled in various disciplines.

There are three levels in that level 1 having five questions. The next level is open to those who answered three of five questions correctly in the allotted five minutes in level 1. In this second level, there are seven questions totally, out of which four must be answered correctly within ten minutes. There are 3 questions in the third level. The outcome is evaluated based on the updated response and the amount of time it took to fix an error. Finally, three students had been selected as winners. This event enables the students to emphasise innovative ideas,the impact of debugging on programmes, and useful debugging methods. The participants are aware of their own programming, cognitive capacities, and potential for future learning after the event.

Number of Participants:115