Energy Conservation and its Case Studies

Date: 15-12-2022

National Energy Conservation Day is observed on December 14, Every year. The day focuses on making people aware of global warming, climate change and promote efforts towards saving energy resources. In this regard Institution Innovation Council in association with Energia club of Jansons Institute of Technology organized seminar on “Energy Conservation and Its Case Studies”. The seminar was delivered by an eminent guest speaker Mr. Prakash Chandrasekaran, processing manager, Pioneer Processing Pvt. Ltd, Erode. The seminar inculcated knowledge on need for energy saving, better resource management, Monitoring, Measurement and control, Energy audit recommendation, Environmental & Waste Disposal regulations and various case studies on energy conservation.  About 62 members participated in the event. The students are insisted to use renewable energy resources instead of the non-renewable energy resources. The students were also insisted to plant a greater number of trees to reduce carbon emission.