One Day Seminar on Current Environmental Issues and Advanced Trends in Waste Water Treatment

The Department of Civil Engineering in association with ECO club organized a seminar on “Current Environmental Issues and Advanced Trends in Waste Water Treatment Techniques” by Prof. Dr. R.Ragunathan, Director, Centre for Bioscience and Nano Science Research, Coimbatore.

The seminar highlighted the problems faced through wastewater disposal and its effect to the environment. The key points discussed are as follows:

  • Multiple Technologies in the conventional wastewater treatment settings have been adopted to purify water to a desirable quality
  • Limitations and future prospects of each technology
  • Municipal solid waste management
  • Land disposal and treatment techniques
  • Biological wastewater treatment techniques from natural and constructed wetlands at one end to high-technology solutions based on the activated sludge process at the other end
  • Industrial waste water treatment, recycling, and reuse
  • Various standards of treated water
  • Advanced treatment technology and strategy for water and waste water management

In order to make the students understand the concepts better, a resource person illustrated various case studies and their solutions. The session was an informative one with significant contribution to the society.