World Earth Day webinar on “Invest in our planet to protect our biodiversity benefits”

Jansons ECO club, along with Institute Innovation Council MOPHO club and IETE jointly organized an expert talk on “Invest in our planet to protect our biodiversity benefits” by Dr. Chandran R, Assistant Professor , PSG College of Arts and Science , Coimbatore in view to the “World Earth Day” on 22nd April, 2022 in online mode. 

The experts talk had the following key points:

  • The basic about the environment and planet
  • How the planet evolves
  • Importance of biodiversity
  • The effects of habitants on the biodiversity
  • Real time examples of changes in biodiversity the percentage differences around the world and especially in India
  • The important biodiversity benefits and the tips to follow in order to maintain the balance
  • Certain points to be followed like avoiding plastics, following 3R’s, maintain cleanliness in and around oneself

Students from various departments participated in the event. The total number of students participated were 56.