TECHTALK – Application of Sensors in Automation Industry

Electronics Hobby club established on March 2022 and caters second & Third year level students to motivate towards practical orientation of electronics subjects. This club intends to develop expertise in students to prepare them for taking up interviews and placements in core sectors of Electronics and Communication Engineering. To take advantage of this, Electronics Hobby Club (EHC) has been formed with participation of 61 students and inauguration started with Committee members were introduced then the Chairperson Kandra Bhanu Prasad Reddy delivered the introduction about Electronics Hobby Club and gave explanation about concepts of electronics in practical way and motivated students to provide innovative ideas and solutions in various fields and general discussion about upcoming club activities. Later on Gayathri M & Pricilladesi S gave an technical talk on topics of “ Application of sensors in Automation Industry “. They shared their experiences what they were learned in internship & demonstrate their project done during internship and Finally Feedback was collected from students about the event.

No of Participants:60