Technical Field Visit For Idea Generation to “Coimbatore Institute Of Technology” organized on 06.10.2022 by Electronics Hobby Club in association with JIT- Institution’s Innovation Council. Two faculty members along with 25 students visited the Internet of Things(IOT) – Centre of Excellence by 3.30 PM. Dr.M.Poongothai ,Associate professor /ECE ,Coimbatore Institute of Technology welcomed and addressed the students. She explained the basic architecture of IOT and components used in IOT based applications. She also explained about different types of sensors used for IOT based projects. Various Softwares used in IOT projects were briefly explained.The main aim for the visit is to make students learn the concept of IoT and how IoT make things simpler. We had speakers from CIT College who explained about what is IoT, cloud and some of their projects done by the college which includes Smart IoT based dustbin, IoT based Smart laboratory, IoT based smart parking and so on. The lecturers also explained about 5’G technology revolution in upcoming days. It was fantastic opportunity to make students think and design their own projects with different sensors which reduces the risk if any, and make environment to smart, safe and secured. Students also provided ample information on IoT for the development of control logics, processing’s and to deliver acquired information.

No of Participants:25