One Day Seminar
Applications of Composite Materials

Students of II year, III year & IV year Civil Engineering have participated in the one day seminar on “Applications of Composite materials” held on 30.3.2019 organized by Department of Civil Engineering in association with ICI Student Chapter. The session was handled by Mr.V. Soundararajan, Assistant Professor of Department of Civil Engineering. He began the seminar on explaining about the composite materials and its uses.

He highlighted that it is used for buildings, bridges and structures such as boat hulls, swimming pool panels, sinks, counter tops, etc., and also used in rail applications such as track beds, platform systems and gantries. He explained that the construction industry has been struggling to develop materials that can withstand harsh environments and help build sustainable concrete members. Steel is a widely used concrete reinforcement material, unfortunately, leads to early deterioration of structures.

The introduction of composites into the construction world has given the industry an opportunity to build sustainable concrete infrastructure. He highlighted that the civil engineering community construction products encourages the construction industry to replace the traditional materials with more sustainable and cost-effective composites. This seminar helped the students to gain intellectual knowledge on composite materials and do research in future on various composite materials.