One day workshop
“Modern Surveying using Total Station”

The Department of Civil Engineering in association with ICI-JIT Students Chapter organized one day workshop on “Modern Surveying using Total Station” by Mr.V.Saravanakumar, AP/Civil, JIT.

The main aim of the workshop on the topic of “Modern Surveying using Total Station” is to import the Practical knowledge and Technical skills in the field of Surveying by using the recent advanced instruments like Total station and also to create the career awareness about the present demands of industries and the requirement to fulfill such demands. Principle of Theodolite, EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement), Data collector and Microprocessor.

  • EDM concepts, Station + Back Sight and Resection, Introduction to GPS – Spatial data.
  • Measuring of field by global coordinates and local coordinates with the help of MLM (Machine Line Measurement).
  • REM (Remote Elevation Measurement.
  • Stake out and Resection.
  • Downloading the measured Data from Total Station.
  • Volume Estimations and Development of maps.

The training program was attended by 67 students from Civil Engineering Department of Jansons Institute of Technology.