Seminar on Structural Design and Detailing

Seminar on “Structural Design and Detailing” was organized by Department of Civil Engineering in association with Indian Concrete Institute on 29.01.2020.. Er.R.Venkatachalam, Managing Director, Venkat Associates. He highlighted the importance of structural design process and detailing in building construction.

  • He elaborated the process involved in Structural Design.
  • He also emphasized the design models of structures using software perform accurate calculations about each elements of a building.
  • He explained assessing the reaction of buildings to pressures and stress finalizing the materials that would be suitable for the structure.
  • He also presented the speciality of Civil Engineering, where a structural engineer ensures that architectural components are structurally sound.
  • He explained the importance of IS codes like IS456:2000, SP16 and SP34.
    He described the specification in detailing of the RC elements and also lap length of the steel rods in construction.