Webinar on

“Steel Structures-An Overview ”

The Department of Civil Engineering organized a webinar on the topic “Steel Structures-An Overview”. This webinar targeted prospective students of III year & IV year Civil Engineering. The objective of the webinar was to help aspiring students to acquire knowledge on Steel Structure.

Webinar session was conducted through Google Meet on Oct 25, 2021 from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Er. R. Vignesh Chartered Civil Engineer, Proprietor DV Designs, Coimbatore gave presentation on “Steel Structures-An Overview”. He began with describing few terms such as Structural Steel, Buckling and shear flow effect

The key points covered in the program are as follows

  • Importance of bracing in compression members.
  • Advantages of using Pre-Engineered Buildings.
  • Role of Slenderness ratio in steel design.
  • Briefed about wind loads, earthquake loads in steel structure.
  • He mentioned about tension members in steel structures.
  • He highlighted usage of wires, cables, rods, bars, single structural shapes, plates and built-up members.
  • He explained the various parameters like effective length, effective sectional area, radius of gyration and axial stress for the design of steel structures.

After the speaker finished, there was a question-answer session. A lot of questions were posted by students. One question was regarding the life span of R.C.C structures and steel structures.