Awareness session on “Noetic Science”

Jansons Institute of Technology in association with Department of organises “Awareness session on “Noetic Science” for faculty members and Research Scholars”. 54 faculty members have attended this event.

This event Discovered a revolutionary approach to unlocking young mind's untapped potential with Noetic Science eUW – Unified WholenessTM. This transformative technique empowers our mind, fostering creativity, serenity, and robust health, while elevating our energy levels. Embrace a heightened state of tranquillity that effortlessly propels toward our ambitious goals.

In the fast-paced world we live in, stress often takes a toll on our mental and physical well -being.  Noetic Science eUW is tailored to guide through steps that masterfully balance all dimensions of our life. It acts as a reset button, freeing from accumulated stress and promoting sustained alertness. Our minds accumulate a wealth of negative data throughout our lives, consciously or unconsciously.

Noetic Science eUW serves as a dynamic tool to unlearn and empower, enabling to confidently face challenges.  Say goodbye to fear and disruptions as cultivate a bold, authentic thinking pattern through a deeper understanding of self. This practice doesn't just stop at mental clarity – it amplifies our problem-solving skills, giving you the mental fortitude to navigate daily challenges. The energy derived from consistent practice promotes harmony, leading towards a revitalized state of being. Immerse ourself in this practice to create a shield against external disruptions. Experience a holistic effect that guides you towards the ultimate state of relaxation and a harmonious synchronization of body and mind.

Noetic Science eUW – our key to unlocking a rejuvenated and empowered self.