National Technical Symposium – CAMCEE 2022

All the Engineering Departments of Jansons Institute of Technology organized a National level Technical Symposium in the name of CAMCEE22 on 12th April 2022 in association with JIT-IEEE Student Branch, JIT-IIC, ISTE Student Chapter and SAE India.

The event was promoted by the student coordinators posted the brochures of CAMCEE22 to various Engineering colleges across the country and also via various social media like websites, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter etc. The participants were provided with a facility of online registration to the event. Spot registration is also entertained from 8 AM to 9:15 AM. As a result of the same, 119 students from 20 different institutions across the country participated in the event.

Various Events of CAMCEE are Technical Paper presentation, Business model presentation, Technical Quiz, and other department events like Circuit debugging, Hexwizard tournament, CTF challenges, Multi mechons, Teo2tree, Tech Consequat etc.

‘CTF Challenges’ was organized by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This is an event where challenging participants compete with the target flags from other users or organizers using modern Linux exploitation techniques. Totally 22 students participated in this event. Department of Civil Engineering organized ‘TEO2TREE’ where the participants used all the constructive skills to attain success. Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized ‘Hex Wizard Tournament’, where the participants have used their wisdom to reach the victory with 37 participants. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized ‘Tech Consequat’ which fed challenge to the participants’ technical ability. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized ‘circuit debugging’ event. This consists of a preliminary and final round. The preliminary round was to give connections as per the given circuit diagram. In the final round, they need to debug the error in the given circuit and make the circuit works properly. 10 students participated in the event. Department of Mechanical Engineering department organized an event called ‘MULTI MECHONS’ which needs strong technical knowledge and practical wisdom with 37 participations. The respective department faculty members acted as Judges for all the events to evaluate the performance of the participants. The events took place at various places at different timings in a well-organized manner.

After the department events, a technical quiz was conducted at Sivaganga Auditorium in the afternoon session. During the Valedictory function of CAMCEE22, the certificates and prizes were distributed to all the prize winners by Dr.S. Elangovan, Vice Principal and Dr.M.V. Suresh Kumar, Director-Administrations.

This event was organized by the student coordinators from all the departments in a fantabulous manner.

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