Hands-on workshop on R-Programming

IEEE Student branch and Women-in Engineering Affinity Group of Jansons Institute of Technology organized a “Hands-on workshop on R programming” on 07.02.2020 from 09:30 am to 03:30 pm. The resource person for the workshop is Mr.Ashvanth Narayanan, Systems Engineer, TCS, Chennai. The workshop started at 09.30 am with the inaugural ceremony in the presence of Dr.G. Vetrichelvi, Staff Advisor, JIT WIE Affinity Group. The certificates of the SPAC 2019 were given to the volunteers by Mr.B.Ashvanth. After the certificates distribution the first session of the day started with the introduction to the big data. He first started the session by explaining the industrial revolution starting from industry 1.0 to industry 4.0 by presenting a video and then gave the introduction to the R programming and data analytics. After the session we had a tea break. The post break session was a hands-on session. This session concentrated fully on the different data types of R and the methods of initializing the different data types was taught. This created more interest to the gather and the enthusiastic level rised. In the post lunch session, with the same enthusiasm among the participants, he introduced the matrix formation and the different methods used in R programming to access the different data’s from the matrix table. Mr.Ashvanth also taught methods used for plotting the graph and the use of different types of graphs. The students learned to import a text file and a excel file to their projects. They also learned to export the files. This created more interest among the students to learn R programming. They had a request to Mr.Ashvanth to handle one more session on R programming. After this session Mr.Ashvanth gave some tips to the students in writing their resumes. At the end of the day we had a feedback session in which all the students gave their feedback regarding the workshop. A memento was given to the speaker by Dr.S. Elangovan, Branch Counselor, JIT IEEE Student Branch. The whole programme was arranged by Mr.Mylsamy, Faculty Coordinator, Mr.Ramanarayanan, Chair and Ms. Srivarshini, Vice Chair of SB.