JIT Substation Visit

The Department of EEE organized one day Value Added Programme titled “JIT Substation Visit” on 05-07-2019. Our main purpose for this visit is to be familiar with industrial environment and to get practical knowledge of electrical power transmission and distribution Students of 3rd and 6th semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering will get the idea of electrical power transmission and distribution. Students will also get familiar with Transformer maintenance, circuit breaker, Transformer isolator, bus bar, Protective relays, Lightening arresters, Load break switches. Dr.S.Elangovan explained all the essential component of the JIT substation.

          Students got the information and practical knowledge about Power Distribution and Transmission. Student got the knowledge about different protection devices used in substation. They got the idea how to read the one line diagram of power substation using different symbols used in diagram. Student cleared out practical knowledge of transformer as how it steps down voltage 11 KV to 440V. About 42 students were benefited from this visit as they got chance to get discussion in at Substation.