Let’s explore the Global challenge IEEE XTREME

As part of the IEEE SB activity of the academic year 2020, Jansons Institute of Technology IEEE Student Branch members conducted a Webinar on the Topic of “Let’s Explore the Global Challenge IEEEXTREME” for the students of II year and III year JIT students. The Sb Counselor of JIT IEEE Dr.S.Elangovan started the session by giving an outline of IEEEXTREME. He emphasized the importance IEEE and its benefits. Shofiya Fahima expounded the various resources and opportunities available in IEEE. She detailed the benefits of IEEE and being an IEEE Member. She concluded by sharing her journey in IEEE. Followed by her Sri Varshini gave a presentation on the IEEEXTREME14.0. She shared her experience and her journey in IEEE and also gave a brief note on all the events conducted in the SB. Achievements of JIT IEEE SB members were also shared during the presentation. Thiskindled the thirst of the participants in knowing more about IEEE. Senthurvelan and Heyram inspired the participants through expounding their experience and benefits which they got as an IEEE volunteer.