Technical Seminar on “Approach to Machine learning Algorithm”

The Noveltic Approach to Machine Learning Algorithm held on 21.02.2020 at LH 20. The event exactly started at 15.45pm. Mr.M.Suvedaharan handled the session. The buzz word Machine Learning was clearly explained by him. He first started the session with the introduction to machine learning and the evolution of machine learning. As Python is used machine learning, an overview of python was also covered in the session. The python data science concepts such as numpy and pandas were also covered. He taught the various algorithms such as linear regression, decision tree and explained each of them with a real example. This created an interest to the students on machine learning algorithms by showing his own projects and detailed about it. The two main topics covered in the session were the ID3 and C5.4 algorithm. Mr.Suvedaharan gave more ideas on how to solve a problem and some methods used to approach a problem. He explained the usage of the algorithms through smaller problems and examples. Finally he suggested students to start learning things apart from their academics also which would help them to start a new career and asked them to have a strong base in python and data science concepts. He also showed few machine learning tools which are available online. Finally the session ended with a feedback session. The pictures of the event are attached below.