Webinar : Introduction to TinkerCAD Online Stimulation Tool

As part of the IEEE activity for the academic year 2020 Jansons Institute of Technology IEEE Student Branch has conducted a webinar on the topic Introduction to TinkerCad online stimulation Tool. The speaker for this webinar was Dr.P.Gowtham, Associate professor Department of ECE Jansons Institute Technology. The event had a great success with 350 participants watching the webinar live on YouTube. The live streaming started exactly at 11am on 1st of August 2020. Dr.Gowtham started the session with an introduction to TinkerCad stimulation tool, 3D printing and the working of the Tool. He expounded the various applications of TinkerCad and various stimulation available in TinkerCad. Dr.Gowtham made the session more interesting by demonstrating the working of the tool. He designed small circuits and some 3D design and made it simpler for the students to understand the open source. This excited the students to work on the virtual projects. Dr.Gowtham also showed some prototype models of home automation and gave some ideas for the young minds to design and develop on projects using tinkercad tool.  At the end there was a Q&A session in which various questions was raised by the participants. Dr.Gowtham cleared all the queries of the participants and gave a clear idea. This one hour session motivated the participants especially the students to work on new projects. The session had an overwhelming response and served as a platform to know about a online simulation tool and to get more ideas on virtual projects