WIE awareness session on “Good touch and Bad touch”

JIT IEEE WIE Affinity Group organized an awareness session on “Good touch and bad touch” on 07.02.2020 from 03:45 pm to 05:00 pm.  The beneficiaries are the first year girls. Thirteen girls and four faculties were present.

The Master of Ceremony was done by K. Shofiya Fahima. Welcome address was given by S. Priya. Dr.G. Vetrichelvi shared her view about good touch and bad touch. A PPT presentation was done by C. Sindhu about the good touch and bad touch. A video presentation was done by S. Vishali. The feedback session was held. Few girls gave their opinion about the event. Finally vote of thanks was given by S. Priya. 

The speakers for the event were Dr.G. Vetrichelvi, WIE Staff advisor, Ms.K. Shofiya Fahima, Ms.S. Boorana Priya, Ms.C. Sindhu, Ms.S. Priya and Ms.S. Vishali of III year ECE.