Webinar on the “Basic of Adobe Illustrator”

In today’s time, being a creator is equally important as being on the logical side of the road. With the growing number of market strategies, complex algorithms, and the need to reach out to people in a better way, to either grow your small business or an MNC, graphic designing plays a vital role in helping us to reach our goals and target. Considering this importance, IEEE Jansons Institute of Technology Madras Section, IEEE Islamabad Section, IEEE Young Professionals Kenya Section, and with the IEEE BUBT SB as the frontman, organized a webinar on the “Basic Adobe Illustrator” workshop on 10th May 2021. The session started with the welcome address by Ms.Naznin Nahar of IEEE BUBT SB. The opening remarks were given by Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain and Sk. Hasibul Alam, who are the Student Counsellors of IEEE BUBT SB. The presenters of the webinar were Mr. Md Al Araf, Mr. Tanjid Showkot, and Mr. Moynul Islam.

Mr. Md Al Araf was the speaker and the main instructor of the webinar. He covered a wide range of subjects from simple icons to patterns and detailed instructions. Some of the topics he covered are Artboard, Tool introduction, Simple pattern making, Object making, Object transform, Image tracing, Object Expand, Object Alignment, Gradient, Shape Builder, Text tool, Font installing, and Using fonts. He took his precious time to explain every one of these in a way that every beginner could easily understand and learn. Then Mr. Md Al Araf asked the participants if they have any doubts and a few of them raised their queries. He calmly cleared all of their doubts and headed to the end of the session. Ms.Naznin Nahar called out one student coordinator from each session to express their reviews and opinions. First Mr. Tabil Ahammed from IEEE Bangladesh University of Business and Technology expressed his opinions followed by Ms. Laiba Irfan from IEEE Islamabad Section, Ms. Chaltu Marta from IEEE Young Professionals Kenya Section, and Ms. Shruthi.P.G from IEEE Jansons Institute of Technology, Madras Section. The session ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Ms. Naznin Nazar of IEEE BUBT SB. The participants found the session very interesting and informative to explore and develop their creativity and extracurricular activities. A total of 100 participants of various disciplines from various countries attended the webinar.