Hands-on Workshop on “Data Visualization using Tableau software”

Jansons Institute of Technology IEEE Student Branch organized a hands-on workshop on “Data visualization using Tableau” for all the students of Department of Second Year Artificial Intelligence and members of JIT IEEE SB on April 29, 2022. The JIT IEEE SB Counselor, Dr. S. Elangovan, gave a short introduction to the workshop and advised the participants to utilize the workshop effectively and use this new technology to enhance their careers.

Mr. Ashvanth started the workshop by giving an overview of the topic of data analytics and the career opportunities in data analytics and data visualization to give an idea of the workshop. He gave a spreadsheet containing the sales details of a store that sells furniture in the United States. First, he explained the features that are available in the software and how a student can get a free license for one year using their college ID proof. Following that, he instructed the students to import the excel sheet containing the sales details into the tableau software, and he taught the students how to extract the data that was available in the excel sheet, how to work with the extracted data, and how to convert that data into graphical representations like line charts, bar charts, and map views while working with the places.

When the data is converted into graphical representations, it shows detailed information about the sales in a particular place, and with that data, we can calculate the profit and loss percentage and the reason for the increase or decrease in sales profit and loss. He taught how to configure the dashboard and how to insert the worksheets containing the graphical representations of the sales details into the dashboard, and with the dashboard, how to create a story to convey or explain to the customer the reason for the profit, loss, and the reason for the increase or decrease in sales in a particular period of time in their store or in a particular place.

He explained the different types of analytical firms and the statistical concepts. He clarified all the doubts raised by the participants during the entire workshop, and he listed the e-learning platforms that provide the courses for the data analytics domain. At the end of the workshop, our SB counselor, Dr. S. Elangovan Sir, thanked Mr. Ashvanth for the wonderful workshop.