“IoT Innovation Challenge” – A Problem Identification Workshop

The objective of the workshop is to identify the problem statements from Hackathon problems in the field of IoT and to motivate and encourage the students to work on Innovative solutions.

The problem-identification workshop is a good socio-pedagogic method that can be used as an intelligent participatory intervention tool by managers in organizations in the management of their work environments. Prof.N.Krishnapriya, AP/ECE, Innovation Ambassador, clearly stated the sequence of activities through which decision-makers identify a target audience or customer segment and define a problem from the customer’s perspective.

IIoT club members formed teams and presented their problem statements identified from Hackathon problems and elaborated the different perspectives of the identified problem statements. Students were motivated to ideate for these identified problems. The session ended with the interaction of the students with the Innovation Ambassador.

Students will be able to narrow down to the core of the problem statements identified and they were motivated to ideate for viable solutions to meet the user demands.

Number of Participants : 52