Webinar on Imperative elements for Technical Patent Drafting

A Webinar on “Imperative elements for Technical Patent Drafting” organized on 08.02.2022 by the Industrial IOT club in association with IIC and IPR cell at Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Mr.Arivazhagan, Corporate Lawyer, Le Intelligensia law firm, Chennai, clearly stated the essential elements of patent drafting. The program was an initiative towards imparting knowledge to the faculties about the functional specification to be embodied in a patent proposal.
The resource person also stated the registration process flow and the significant usage of technical terminologies. He gave an insight towards the difference between Novelty and Inventive step along with a case study. Faculty members took part in the event which was enriching and highly insightful. The session ended with the interaction of the faculties with the resource person.