Workshop on Hacks for Building and Debugging your Circuits

A Workshop on the topic “Hacks for Building and Debugging your Circuits” organized on 17.11.2021 by the Industrial IOT club at Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. The session was handled by the IIOT club student coordinators of ECE department, where they gave insights into the building and debugging of circuits.
In-circuit debugging (ICD) is the most powerful fault-finding technique available for microcontrollers. It allows the chip to be programmed and tested in circuit using the standard MPLAB debugging tools to control program execution in the actual target board. In this workshop, pointers for debugging the circuits were discussed. In addition to this, tricks for component selection were also taught.
Students and Faculty members took part in the workshop which was enriching and highly insightful. The session ended with the discussion of queries and clarification of doubts.