Workshop on “Trends & Innovations in Industrial IoT”

The objective of the workshop is to motivate the young minds to prep up towards the innovative world in the field of Industrial IoT.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming traditional, linear manufacturing into dynamic, interconnected systems, helping factories unleash their potential to run more efficiently, productively and proactively. The resource person covered the spectrum of trends in IIoT technology alongside use cases and hands on experience with Fogwing IIoT Platform to students during the session. The session was very insightful towards the challenges in the Innovative world. The resource person highlighted that many developments are shaping the IIoT ranging from innovations in connectivity, software and hardware to enhancing human sensory capabilities, all of which have the potential to influence production systems and processes with improved data-driven intelligence. She also covered the various aspects like IoT Network and Device Management, Basics of Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform and Data Processing and Basic Analytics. She briefly explained about the innovations that are going to rule the future world in the field of IIoT. The program was an initiative towards imparting knowledge to the faculties and students about the trends and innovations of Industrial IoT in the future world.

Faculties and students will be able to build their knowledge and exposure in the field of IIoT to Innovate the future world.