Digital Prototyping – An Innovative Product Making Challenge

Prototyping is a draft version of a product or the overall design concept to users before investing time and money into development. Digital Prototyping gives conceptual design, engineering, manufacturing to virtually explore a complete product before it’s built. To explore students towards the design software for product modelling a Technical Contest – “Digital Prototyping – An Innovative Product Making Challenge” was conducted for the Mechanical Engineering Students by the Indian Institution of Production Engineers (IIPE) in association with JIT IIC on Apr 29, 2022 from 03.15 PM onwards. In this Contest, the participants are provided with a finished lathe work piece (Physical model) and they have to create a digital model with mechanical design software. The event planned for a team (Maximum of two members) in the CAD Laboratory, JIT. Registration form was shared to all the students of mechanical engineering department and Interested students actively registered for the event. All the Participating teams are provided with a Vernier Calliper to measure the accurate dimensions of the lathe work piece. The participating teams were evaluated based on Product Modelling, Dimensioning and Presenting the modelled component. Based on the Scores obtained, the best performing teams were selected and honoured with Appreciation E-Certificate and all the participants are provided with an E-Certificate. Feedback form was shared to the participants; Participants felt that the contest was interesting and helpful to familiarize the mechanical design software and the related tools.

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