Inauguration of IIPE Student Chapter

Venue : 10 – 01 – 2017 at LH23

Members Present:

  • Chief Guest : Mr.B.Mahendran, Senior Manager, Salzer Electronics, Coimbatore.
  • Headed by : Dr.Sowmya Danalakshmi
  • Students : 89 IIPE Students Members from 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year of Mechanical Engineering


  • Inaugural function of IIPE started with Invocation song, sung by Mr.A.Sakthi Krishna, 3rd Year. 
  • Welcome Address by Mr.C.N.Manirathinam , 3rd Year about IIPE & IIPE Student chapter @ JIT
  • Chief Guest introduction by Ms. K.S.Priyatharsini, 3rd Year.
  • Chief Guest Mr.B.Mahendran, Senior Manager, Salzer Electronics, Coimbatore. 

Key Points of the Chief Guest Address:

  • 100% Commitment is essential for the students to achieve their goal
  • Students should dedicate towards the work done by them, to obtain complete satisfaction of their own which leads them to achieve great goals in their life
  • Attitude of the students leads them to reach great altitude in their life
  • Each and every students should utilize even a small opportunities availed to them 
  • College atmosphere @ JIT, provide all students a peaceful atmosphere which enables them to come out as a good engineers & citizens.
  • Day’s Chief Guest Mr.B.Mahendran distributed the IIPE Student Members Certificate to 89 IIPE Students Members of 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Mechanical Engineering students.

And the programme concluded with the vote of thanks by  Mr.C.N.Manirathinam , 3rd Year for the valuable suggestions & encouragement provided by the chief guest of the day.