Seminar on “SCRAMJet Propulsion”

JIT IIPE Student Chapter has organized a Seminar on “SCRAMJet Propulsion” on 27th January 2018 at Sivaganga Auditorium. The resource person is Mr.A.Srikanth, IIT Karagpur.
Invitee provided a detailed insight on various aspects of Scramjet. Resource person explained scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) – reminiscent of a ramjet and explained the following topics. The basic components of scramjet are inlet, diffuser, fuel injector, flame holder, igniter, and combustion chamber and exhaust nozzle. The basic principle of scramjet is same as that of any type of engine, intake, compression, combustion, exhaust. NASA expects that future versions of this engine will serve as a low cost way to get payloads into orbit by lifting space cargoes to nearly atmospheric altitudes before they continue their journeys on rocket power.

Scramjet advantages include simplicity of design, half an engine, carry more payloads, lower thrust to weight ratio, etc. Scramjet disadvantages include additional propulsion requirements, testing difficulties, lack of stealth, need of additional engines etc. Scramjet is used for space applications, civil applications and military applications. Recent progress in scramjet developments are Hyshot, Hyper-X, GASL projectile etc.