The GIANTS – Views on Biggest Industrial Machines

Industrial Machine is the assembly of various machine elements to provide structure for the system and control its movement. Machines plays a vital role in the Mechanical Engineering field and its operates based on various mechanism as per the application of need. To explore students towards the Industrial Machineries and Its Applications, a Technical Contest – “The GIANTS – Views on Biggest Industrial Machines” was conducted for the Mechanical Engineering Students by the Indian Institution of Production Engineers on May 26, 2022 from 03.15 PM onwards. In this contest, the Participants (As a Team) Present a Technical Topic on the Biggest Machine they came across in their life and the event planned in the Lecture Hall 21, JIT. Registration form was shared to all the students of mechanical engineering department and Interested students actively registered for the event. Participants shared their views about the Mechanical Machineries used in various Industry applications like Automobile, Mining, Submarine, and Manufacturing. The participating teams were evaluated based on Presentation, Clear Expression about the Machines, Its Mechanism & Application. Based on the Scores obtained, the best performing teams were selected and honoured with Appreciation E-Certificate and all the participants are provided with an E-Certificate. Feedback form was shared to the participants; Participants felt that the contest was interesting and give good exploration of Machineries used for Industrial Applications.

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