Workshop on Advanced techniques and future of Composite Materials

IIPE Student Chapter of JIT has organized a Seminar on “Advanced Techniques and Future of Composite Materials in Industries” on 02nd March 2018 at LH22. The resource person is Mr.M.Gopalsamy, Asst Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore.

Invitee introduced composites materials as question and answer such as what is composite, its need and applications in various industries. Later introduced the various types of composites such as Metal Matrix Composites, Ceramic Matrix Composites and Polymer Matrix Composites and compared the properties of composites with other materials with the help of Ashby Plots. Explained about polymer composites and its phases such as Matrix phase (Thermoplastic and Thermoset) and Reinforcement phase (Fiber, Flake and Particulate).

Continuing with detailing the characteristics of composite resins matrices and properties of natural and synthetic fibers. Explained the various manufacturing processes involved in manufacturing composites and displayed various composites manufactured in various processes. Detailed the need of testing and explained various test such as tensile test, flexural test, hardness test, impact test, dry sliding abrasive wear test, dry and wet sand rubber abrasive wear, scanning electron microscope (with sample images) and concluded the talk with describing advantage and disadvantage, applications of composites in various industries and future scope of composites in industries and R&D sectors. Finally, made a demo of preparing a natural fiber composite.