To make the students to gain Knowledge in the Field of Prompt Engineering which  enhances a personability to use generative AI effectively. In fact, most content creators can use generative AI to brainstorm unique content ideas. Additionally, by crafting and refining prompts, AI can be used to create engaging
content that resonates with the audience .The Iterators Club of CSE organized an Online Session on Prompt Engineering in association with Department of CSE on 12.09.2023 held at CC1 LAB. The welcome address given by V.Safeera, of IV CSE. The Resource Person Vignesh Murugan, starts sharing his knowledge on Prompt Engineering. Later, the students interacted with him cleared all their doubts in the concept. The students were congratulated for their active participation in the event. The event came to an end by the vote of thanks proposed by Ms Sanjiv Roshan of IV CSE.