Webinar on ‘Real Time Use Cases: A Gateway into the world of Programming’


A Webinar was conducted on 15th of March 2021 by “The Iterators“(Programming Club) on the topic “Real time Use Cases: A Gateway into the world of Programming”. Student secretary Mr.M.S.ManuMohan and Joint Secretary – Ms.S.Sushma of final year organized the event and Ms.Vaishnavi.E of third year hosted the entire session.

The event started with a welcome address followed by the importance of programming language were briefed. All the club members were advised to create Github account which is a social networking site for programmers and also to have Linkendln profile. Giri Pragadeesh K of Third year, presented the webinar on the topic “Python Language and its importance” and briefed about the future scope of python. Followed by, Shruthi P.G. of second year presented concisely on “R Programming and its real time use cases”. Before the closure of the event, a surprise quiz was conducted about the “Technology and Programming Language” and the results were announced on the spot to be interactive and lively.