EGraphie 2K19

A National level technical contest “E-Graphie 2K19” in the field of Engineering Graphics was conducted on 02.11.2019. The contest was organized by the faculty members of Mechanical Engineering in association with ISTE. The main objective of the contest was to enrich the young minds in the EG course and to evolve from the basic concepts taught in the regular classes.Topics focused for the contest are; Projection of Lines, Projection of Planes, Projection of Solids, Isometric & Orthographic views, Section of solids, Development of lateral surfaces and Engineering curves. A total of 49 teams (93 Participants) from 14 colleges participated in the event. The contest comprised of 6 different events; EG Marathon, Measure & Draft, Make your Model, AutoCAD drafting, Pro.Grammi and Solidus.