Seminar on How to plan for a startup? Legal and Ethical steps

  The JIT ISTE Student Chapter, in association with the JIT-IIC and IIoT club, organized a seminar on “How to plan for a start-up? Legal and Ethical steps” on April 8, 2023, for the teachers and students. The seminar started at 2:30 pm with the welcome address by Mr. P. Akshay of second-year ECE department. The speaker, Vinodh.P, Growth Marketer & Brand Strategist shared his journey of entrepreneurship with the students.He spoke about the legal steps to be followed while starting a business. The speaker, Sriram K.R., Creative Director, discussed the ethical steps to be followed for a new start-up. He also insisted that every business should have a strong sense of purpose with a simple and inspiring vision and mission. In total, 40 students and teachers participated in this event.