Celebration of ONAM

                      Onam is a harmonious, cheerful and exuberant festival.  A “Celebration of Onam” was organized by IWCC of Jansons Institute of Technology from 10.30 to 11.00 a.m. on 23.08.2021. Prof. Sivamani.P, member, IWCC, welcomed the gathering.                     

                     Celebration happened with ‘Onapookalam’, a floral carpet that was decorated with several varieties of flowers forming patterns on the floor of central entrance. It is also an art that involves a lot of patience and creativity to blend the colours of petals to form a floral art. Onam isn’t just a Keralite festival; it is celebrated across all states and around the world regardless of caste and creed. The Heads of various department, faculty members and non-teaching staff members participated with enthusiasm wishing each other. The happy gathering was provided with a delicious ‘Adapradhaman’, a traditional dessert made for Onam Sadya. Dr.Meenakshi.T. thanked the congregation for their relentless support and for making that day a memorable one.