Women Empowerment and their role in Development of Engineering Community

             A program on “Women Empowerment and their role in Development of Engineering Community” was organized by the department of Civil Engineering in association with IWCC for female student members of JIT. 

         The day focused on the achievements and inspiring careers accomplished by women in engineering and technical roles. Students presented their speech telling that women have changed the face of engineering forever, being highly praised for their skills and expertise. Edith Clarke was remembered for the achievement of the invention of the Clarke calculator, a graphical equation-solving device which she produced in her spare time. Hedy Lamarr was quoted by the students for helping to develop a radio guidance system for allied torpedoes. Students discussed about the spread of spectrum technology used in sophisticated frequency hopping technology to defend against the threat of jamming, and was later used on Navy ships.

       Finally the session concluded by remembering the contributions of women to engineering which  unsurprisingly very broad, and no doubt provide inspiration for women across the world that hold careers in engineering.