An awareness program on “COGNIZANCE ABOUT PERSONAL HYGIENE FOR WOMEN” was arranged by IWCC in association with WIE for female student members of JIT . The program was organized by senior girl students of Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. The session started by 3.45 P.M. Dr S.Supriya, Chairperson, IWCC, JIT welcomed the gathering.   

                The session started by defining personal hygiene as the principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. It was discussed that maintaining a high level of personal hygiene will help to increase self-esteem and confidence. The importance of personal hygiene was narrated with many slides and videos. The discussion highlighted that failure to keep up a standard hygiene can have many implications like Increased risk of getting an infection or illness, Social embarrassment, etc.,

                Finally the session concluded by saying that our appearance is largely going to be determined by the way that we care for ourselves & hence basic hygiene, or cleansing practices not only promote good health but includes our whole body.