Cyber Security Awareness

The IWCC of JANSONS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY organized a webinar on the topic Webinar “Cyber Security Awareness”” at the seminar hall between 3pm and 4pm on 25.01.2023. The event began with Tamil Thaai Vazhthu. Opening Note of Event was delivered by Ms.Mahiba V of II ECE. Welcome Address was presented by Ms.Infanta Christina Lourthu Mary Mariy S of II ECE. Chief Guest Profile was presented by Ms. Rabiya Farheen of 1 year CSE.  The Chief Guest of the event Mr.G.B.Manoj.,B.E.,M.Sc.,CEH.,IT-Security Engineer, Amvion Labs, Chennai spoke on the necessity of knowing how to use online platforms safely and guard ourselves from ever looming threats. He has listed out the safety measures for safe online engagement. They had the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves from online predators. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions and they got their doubts rectified. Feedback was presented by Ms.Mahiba V of II ECE. The event ended with vote of thanks followed by national anthem.