Endorsing the hidden strength and treasure within

             An invited  speech on “Endorsing the hidden strength and treasure within” was arranged by the IWCC for the student members of JIT.  Dr.M.Krithika, BHMS, The other song International academy of Advanced Homeopathy and clinic, Bombay was the invited speaker of the day. 

          The speaker highlighted that the best thing to do is start with strength spotting. She elaborated  strength spotting as the art of observing others and noticing when they get into that natural state of flow.  The speaker highlighted that developing your Hidden strengths is also a way to realize your potential, operate at a higher level, and create an unfair advantage with your unique skills and abilities.

           The resource person commented that If one  focus only on their natural strengths , then they have to leave a lot of potential on the table. The speaker emphasized that unlike natural strengths, identifying and transforming ones  hidden strengths into learned strengths are actions that one has to control and drive.