International Women’s Day Celebration

         International Women’s Day was celebrated by IWCC for two days to create awareness on gender equality for a healthy society. Essay and drawing contests were conducted on the first day of celebration.   The second day of celebration was on 13.03.2020. The session started with a Carnatic song by Sree Poorna S Iyer followed by speech from I & II year girls on emphasizing the importance of Women Empowerment. Their talk was highlighting about the gender equality, preventing gender-based violence, political & social participation of women, economic empowerment, etc.,

       Sangamithra & Renuga of I CSE presented a dynamic performance of martial arts & also taught simple and effective techniques of self –defense to the girl students. This was appreciated by all students & faculty members. It was addressed that girls should know their right to defend themselves & to be careful against crimes against women.    The event was successfully co-ordinated by IWCC members.