Oracle Academy girls in ICT day 2022

Internal Women Caring  Cell of our institute participated in an online seminar conducted by ICT Academy on the topic “ORACLE ACADEMY GIRLS IN ICT 2022” which was presided over by Samina Rizwan, Vice President, Key and Lead Accounts in ASEAN and Domain Leader for Big Data and Analytics, Middle East Africa. ICT improves efficiency, enhances coordination and improves the quality of information gathered and shared for development planning. She spoke about the impact ICT has on women empowerment. ICT provide jobs and opportunities to merge with large industries. ICT education makes women economically sound that is source of other all types of women empowerment. About a range of issues, topics and activities of interest to women. Thus she narrated the pivotal role of ICT in upliftment of women. The students were allowed to ask questions and clarify their doubts.